How we became a single-use plastic-free bank

In 2023 – and ahead of schedule – we reached our milestone of becoming a 100% single-use plastic-free bank. This was a major commitment to eliminating single-use plastic across the Group and saw us switch from plastic cups, bottles and packaging to paper, glass and wood – as well as installing water purifying machines and ensuring the separate collection and disposal of waste. 

In a single year, thanks to the efforts of all our colleagues, we have saved millions of plastic bottles – replacing single-use plastic used in bottles, crockery, cups and spoons with re-usable or disposable alternatives. That includes products offered in more than 300 drink vending machines, 1,100 coffee machines and over 60 canteens and cafeterias.

UniCredit is now a more sustainable organisation, with increased institutional awareness throughout our markets. The single-use plastic-free initiative was embraced fully by all 13 countries, despite some of those local economies being further behind the curve than others.

It was of course a challenging journey, monitored at central level but implemented thanks to the strong efforts of all our local colleagues and providers. Every country worked hard towards a plastic-free future, but naturally approached the project in different ways. We met our targets ahead of schedule, before our self-imposed deadline."

Salvatore Greco

Head of Group Real Estate

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