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Our Purpose: Empowering communities to progress

Our Purpose should always be top of mind whenever we make decisions, take actions, or communicate with colleagues, clients and people around us.

We believe that working every single day towards the delivery of our Purpose will give us the financial strength to achieve our Ambition to be the bank for Europe’s future. By acting as the engine of social progress, we are building a Culture that puts our Values at the heart of our decision-making and everything we do.

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Building a new Culture: our progress so far

Our profound journey of Culture Transformation continues at pace and has been marked by many achievements.

We have further demonstrated our commitment by empowering a significant number of our employees to reflect on what our Values mean as an identity – and to explore how that translates into improving the way we serve our clients and communities.

After having initiated our Culture Transformation in 2022, this year we executed our comprehensive plan to bring our Values to life and shape our behaviour to enable Culture change.

This year our Culture Sponsors, Culture Champions and Network worked intensively to create and execute many local initiatives in their areas. The outcomes of 50 best-inclass initiatives were presented during the Annual Culture Progress meeting, demonstrating how our Values are lived every day, and our Culture progress overall. The meeting is also an opportunity for collaboration, enabling synergies and sharing of best practices – which is an area where our Culture Network really excels.

The first local initiative to be scaled up globally was the “Culture Jour Fixes” initially launched by our team in Germany. By replicating this format, we involved our frontline branch employees in all the banks where UniCredit operates. This was done for the first time in 2023, involving over 23,000 colleagues from almost 3,000 branches. It was an essential opportunity for them to reflect on our Values and how they live them in their daily work with clients.

The second local initiative celebrated another successful year and recognised the extraordinary contribution of all our people and more particularly their teamwork by using Thank you cards to mark the 2023 winter holiday season Group wide. Launched by UniCredit Hungary, and already adopted in Germany, this best-practice initiative acknowledges the roles our people play through their outstanding work results, unwavering commitment, collaborative efforts, and their dedication in embracing and embodying our core Values.

In addition, the year saw us hold 22 Culture Bootcamp sessions under our Culture learning pillar. Almost 1,100 employees participated, taking a moment to reflect on our Values and what can be done to bring them to life through the actions we all carry out every day.

2023 Main Initiatives 

Bringing our Values to life in 2023 – A profound Culture Transformation

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Culture Day


colleagues participated across all UniCredit countries.

2nd Culture Day – fully immersive two-day event spread across numerous Group and local formats, as well as unique Metaverse virtual experience.

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Culture Training


colleagues involved in dedicated workshops across the Group1.


bootcamps took place in Italy, Austria and Germany1.

Culture Learning - Through an innovative training format, our colleagues deep dive into and align themselves with the cornerstones of our Culture: Values and mindset

Culture Jour Fixes in Branch - c.23,000 colleagues from c.3,000 branches took part in a meeting dedicated to understanding and embedding our Culture

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Culture Roadshow


colleagues participated (physically and virtually) in Bulgaria, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Mostar2.

Continuing with the Culture Roadshow to embed our Culture in all our bank’s geographies

1. Numbers referred to 2023 only, cumulative for 2022-2023 – 33 workshops and 1,800 colleagues. 

2. Number referred to 2023 only, cumulative for 2022-2023 – 7,000 people.

Our Culture Network The Key Driver Of Culture Change

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