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Helping Italian households and firms


The latest tranche of our ‘UniCredit per l’Italia’ plan was launched in 2023 to support the country with initiatives worth a potential total of €10 billion.

Following the decisive actions we introduced in 2022 through the initial tranche of ‘UniCredit per l’Italia’, which enabled households and businesses to cope with rising energy and commodity prices, this latest series of initiatives aims to give concrete support to individuals and families grappling with inflation, as well as to provide new resources for the development of specific sectors and territories.

The new measures – which are another sign of our commitment to customers and to local communities – include:

  • Concrete measures aimed at cost containment for customers, including flexible financing and new resources for spending and investments 

  • €4 billion to support the spending of individuals and households

  • €6 billion in new financing for tourism, Made in Italy and Special Economic Zones (“SEZs”)

Andrea Orcel

Italian families and businesses have shown extraordinary resilience and adaptability in the face of significant macro-economic pressures, including rising rates and high inflation. These impressive individual reactions have enabled Italy’s collective response to be stronger-than-expected, and the economic situation in recent months has been better than we might have feared. As UniCredit has always done, it is our role to support our customers and communities even during the most difficult times. We will continue to offer concrete help to families, communities and businesses so that they can accelerate their individual paths to growth and our collective path to success."

Andrea Orcel

Group Chief Executive Officer and Head of Italy


to support the spending of
individuals and households

Annalisa Areni

With this second tranche of ‘UniCredit per l’Italia’ we are reiterating our commitment to be on the side of all customers. We continue to support individuals, households and businesses to enable a more flexible management of their financial commitments, helping them to better address daily priorities, while also making available new resources for investments. In this way, we want to strengthen the foundations to guarantee the country sustainable growth that benefits all territories.”

Annalisa Areni

Head of Client Strategies Italy


in new financing for tourism, Made in Italy and Special Economic Zones

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