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For underprivileged students eager to continue learning

School dropout is one of the biggest challenges facing Europe’s educators. It not only stifles employment opportunities – it leaves a lasting impact on lifetime earnings.

We have teamed up with Junior Achievement (JA) Europe to provide practical hands-on engagement with over 400,000 students in 10 countries where we operate, inspiring young people through the transformative power of learning.

A €6.5 million programme over three years, the main objective of “Re-power your future” is to support students aged 10-19 by involving them in school activities – improving outcomes, preventing them from dropping out of school and guiding them in an informed choice about future careers. The initiative has been built on strong partnerships with local schools, businesses and community organisations. Its focus is on teaching students how to think entrepreneurially, inspiring young minds to pursue careers aligned with their passions and envisioning a future of possibilities for themselves. From 2024 onwards, we have added a new volunteering aspect to the project, enabling our employees to donate their time and skills to support the JA Europe team.

We can achieve a more equal and prosperous Europe only when every young European has access to opportunities and resources to thrive and succeed. Together, UniCredit Foundation and JA Europe have the ambition to change the landscape of Europe’s education systems by significantly preventing and reducing the current rates of school dropout.”

Salvatore Nigro

CEO of JA Europe

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