Cistern Under The Street Irrigation Project

Installation of an innovative tree irrigation system


Capturing rainwater to support our local ecosystem 

Our colleagues in Hungary do everything they can to support local communities with the tools at their disposal. But perhaps their most impactful project in 2023 was not a big financial investment – rather, they began watering the trees around their central office building on Liberty Square in the Belváros district of Budapest, in the spirit of sustainability. 

They realised they could use the huge surface area of the roof of our building to collect rainwater and reuse it for the trees in the area. They have since built the necessary systems to allow this, and the cistern has also been connected. Today they can provide a water supply to around 200 trees and their system has a throughput of 12-15m3 /h.

But their support for the community did not end there. As part of the irrigation project they also installed 27 bicycle racks on both sides of our office building, which can be used by their colleagues and those working and living in the area.

The cistern and the concept behind it are in line with our sustainability goals, so there was no question of finding a solution for rainwater collection on the roof of our headquarters. Our solution, executed in partnership with the local district, shows that small steps can go a long way in supporting local communities. Sustainability is also an increasingly important issue for our customers, and we are supporting our business and reputational objectives with this solution."

János Anschau

Head of Operations at UniCredit Hungary

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